Everything You Need to Know About Machine Embroidery

Everything You Need to Know About Machine Embroidery

At The Thread Studio we specialise in computerised needle and thread embroidery and it is just one of the options we have available for branding your workwear.

We will work closely with you to match your logo with the right clothing and branding solution. It is important to ensure the logo and garments complement each other. We reproduce your logo by first 'digitising' it, which involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognises it and can use different coloured threads to stitch the design onto the garments.

Embroidery machinery is run by software, it is high speed, versatile and delivers a high-quality finish that’s hard wearing. Embroidery will often outlast the life of the garment itself. Here at The Thread Studio we use state of the art software from Wilcom to produce the machine embroidery files. Along with top quality embroidery threads from Madeira UK and machines from Toyota. This combination gives us the best results for your embroidered logo's.

It provides a distinctive look and can be done on a large range of clothing and products including towels, bags, banners and hats and scarves.

Embroidery always offers a prestigious and professional look.

Things to think about:

  • It is the best choice for small orders of business shirts, work polos, jackets and headwear.
  • The logo design and text need to be digitised to convert them into embroidery format files that our software then processes.
  • We need a high-quality file of your logo/artwork (JPG, BMP, PDF, etc) to digitise it properly.
  • Set up cost may be more expensive for small orders and is not ideal for large designs.
  • Embroidery is not suitable for designs with very fine details such as small text or more than 15 colours.

Embroidery is best for:

  • Polo Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Fleeces
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • School and Team uniforms
  • Caps and Beanies
  • Bags

Tech Spec

  • Most files formats are acceptable but need to be 300 dpi or above to make digitising the embroidery file easier.
  • The average chest sizes embroidery is between 8 and 10 cm wide the same for a yoke logo.
  • Sleeve logos are smaller due to the sizes of the garment and being able to fit them onto the embroidery machine. Especially for ladies' and children’s garments, there are limitations.
  • Caps have a limit of 50mm max height.
  • Back logos 260 mm wide. When embroidering lettering the minimum height is 6 mm.
  • Other placements are possible, but the garments do limit where the embroidered logos can be placed.