Why & Where to Find the Highest Quality Personalised Embroidered Workwear in Hampshire

Why & Where to Find the Highest Quality Personalised Embroidered Workwear in Hampshire

Personalised Embroidered workwear is a key element to building brand awareness in any trade or business. Whatever your sector or event from marine, construction, hospitality & catering, quality embroidered workwear and staff uniforms play an important role in the promotion of your company image.

The Thread Studio, based in Hampshire, can help your brand become the ‘go to’ company simply by how your staff look because how they look will impact how they behave and how they represent your brand. Your team is your company’s billboard, and they are the front-facing image of your brand that shows the professional image you want to portray which in turn gains loyalty and trust from your customers.

Embroidery is a high-quality method of branding, that leaves a classy expensive feel and finish to your products, in addition, it is very durable and will usually outlast the garment! We, at The Thread Studio, pride ourselves on the quality finish we can achieve for your staff’s workwear.

Not only do we have some of the industry's best machinery and threads, but a wealth of experience covering many years within our team too. We provide leading durable & quality brands for all products, from hats and bags to high visibility, specialty workwear, office & corporate wear, all of which means our customers always receive a top-quality product.

Suggested quality brands for workwear include Russell, Kustom Kit, Henbury, Portwest, Dickies, Result, Yoko, Brook Taverner, Alexandra, Pro job, Snickers, Tactical Threads, Regatta Professional, Craghoppers, Stormtech, Finden & Hales, Nimbus, and many more.

When you provide us with your logo for embroidery, for us, this is where the magic happens! The digital image file of your logo that you send us is a starting point, but the “digitised” personalised logo embroidery that we create will be in a format that only the embroidery machines can use.

This provides the instructions to the embroidery machine's operating system which, in turn, tells the machine how to implement the custom embroidery logo file. This is not only a technical process but a creative process too. The machine needs to be programmed to know where to put each stitch and in what order to sew your design - including where to stop, trim the thread, and switch to a different colour!

Our skilled team at The Thread Studio will advise you on all the aspects you need to know to make sure your logo turns into something you and your staff are proud to see and wear. A logo that your customers will instantly identify with your brand.

For more information and advice on your company branded clothing, please call our friendly team on 02380 454513, email sales@threadstudio.co.uk.